Pinterest and Youtube

Download Youtube Videos at your own risk! (You are responsible for ensuring you are not breaking copyright)
1) Download the video at home
Find the youtube video you want, copy the URL(that really long address with all the funny letters/numbers) and paste it into the then press the Download Now to the RIGHT, RIGHT!!!!, yes the RIGHT!!! side of where you just pasted the URL.
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You will be given some options, you want to pick the FLV option. The larger the file size the better the quality of the video and audio will be.
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It will most likely say Download FLV/MP4 480p. It may have a higher resolution for FLV/MP4 like 720p. Download the Highest FLV resolution you can find.

To play FLV/MP4 videos you need an FLV/MP4 player. Luckily there are many out there. Here is a link to one that is FREE and not going to put a ton of JUNK on your computer. (This should already be installed on your teacher machine)


I have had many teachers asking me about whether or not Pinterest is blocked. The answer is NO and YES. No is not blocked. Yes many of the items that you pin on Pinterest are blocked. This is because Pinterest is an aggregator website. There is no realistic way to unblock all of the blogs/pin's etc and maintain CIPA compliance. 

What does that mean for you as a teacher? If you find something REALLY awesome that you want to use at school, do not just PIN it and think you can access it at school. Yes please do PIN it so you can share it with your fellow teachers/remember where you go it. But you will also need to Highlight everything you want and Copy (ctrl+c is the shortcut to copy) and paste (ctrl+v is the shortcut to paste) into a word document. Once you have done that I would suggest you put the word document into your google drive so you can access the Pinterest information you want to use in your lesson plans. Picture guide to this process:

Totally Awesome blog about Arkansas, let me PIN This and use it at school!!!!
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But wait Pinterest doesn't always work at School! OH NO sad day, my students will miss out on this awesome educational opportunity (I used which is the m86 webfilter page to test if our webfilter is blocking correctly to generate the image below).
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You can copy and paste the website/blog into Microsoft Word.
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YES! mental stimulation of the future generation!

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Then save the word document where-ever you will not lose it, upload it to google drive/dropbox/email it to yourself. So you can access it at school.